Thursday, January 25, 2007

What's Not to Love?

About The Weather Channel, that is. I listed it as a TV favorite on MySpace, and you'd think I had listed Gilmore Girls for all the flak I've gotten. Ah, my poor unenlightened critics, trudging through their dreary lives, mistakenly believing TWC is only about forecasting, rolling their eyes at me, saying, "Geez, just look out the window!"

Well, I do that too, because weather is real and endlessly fascinating. But even if TWC didn't examine its fascinating aspects and provide a meteorological education at the same time, I'd still watch it. There's nothing like being in a hotel room in an unfamiliar city and tuning to TWC after an exhausting day at a trade show. It's like an old friend, comforting and familiar and reassuring: "Hey, look, there's Mike Seidel! You go, Mike! Don't let those Category 4 winds beat you down!" That's me, talking to myself, wishing the best for Mike, whose career I've followed since his heady days as chief meteorologist at a local station in Salisbury, MD.

Go ahead. Roll your eyes. Call me crazy. My fellow weather nerds get it. Reality shows come and go, but TWC will always be there for us.

Must go. I need to add Gilmore Girls to my list.


Margaret Feinberg said...

Hmmm... favorite channel, maybe, well, can you imagine just having one???

I can't, but then again, I don't have cable (or tv--just DVDs) :)

Marcia Ford said...

I didn't have a TV for years, and we only had 2.5 broadcast channels back in rural Delaware (none came in clearly) in the early '90s.

If you mean just one channel, I guess you just have to go with it. If you mean just one favorite, Comedy Central would get my vote. Wouldn't want a week without Jon and Stephen.