Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Need a Makeover!

That's my website doing all that yelling, not me. Every time I stop by to visit my cyberbaby,, it shouts at me and heckles me and hurls all manner of rude language at me: "I'm sick of the way I look! I need a redesign—fresh paint, new wallpaper, different artwork! Do something!" (Rude language omitted out of respect for your tender ears.) Even when I leave, it continues to pester me.

Would someone please help me out? I need to silence the site's complaints and get on with my life. My site doesn't understand that I'm no designer; sure, I can go in and do some cleaning and tidying with FrontPage, but that just means I'm a housekeeper, not an interior decorator.

So here's the deal: you redesign my website—nothing fancy, no bells, no whistles, no animation—and I'll edit or provide original content for your site. Any takers?


Ven said...

I'll take you up on your offer.
Go out to my website:
On the front page is a list of websites I've done (from scratch mind you) and I have a bunch more up my sleeve I can toss your way.
If you like, I can put together a template for your use.

Just brag about me to your friends or something.

Marcia Ford said...

Will do. I'll be in touch...