Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bloggin' Insanity

Now that I've caught the blogging bug, I'm smitten. Problem is, I'm now blogging here, on Amazon's AuthorConnect, and on MySpace—or at least I will be; I got distracted listing my favorite movies and all that on MySpace and haven'tgotten around to the blog yet. But the question is this: how on earth do y'all manage it? I know some of you do Blogger and MySpace and Facebook and your personal website and Amazon and who knows what else. I'm serious—how do you do it? All suggestions greatly appreciated!


Ven said...

My best advice, as a veteran blogger, is to choose your vices carefully and then immerse yourself in them.
I have a myspace, two to be exact, but rarely comment on them. I just placed a link on myspace to my blogger site.
This way, I don't have to bother to post anywhere but there.

Marcia Ford said...

That makes sense. Good advice. Thanks, Ven!