Friday, January 26, 2007

Am I the Only One? Today's Top 9

Am I the only one who:

  • is so spoiled that even DSL seems slow?
  • wonders when the stock-tip spam will run its course?
  • thinks prime-time game shows are, I don't know—slimy?
  • is going to miss NPR's "Mozart Cafe" now that the year-long celebration has come to an end?
  • has stopped laughing—for just a minute or two—at all those wacky conspiracy theories?
  • considers competitive reality shows to be, I don't know—slimy?
  • doesn't cover food in the microwave even though I know it will splatter?
  • wouldn't miss the Academy Awards if the show was permanently canceled, except for the fact that Jon Stewart hosted last year and Ellen DeGeneres is hosting this year, making it worth watching only if you cut out everything else?
  • can't get Blogger to "remember me" at login?

    Why an unnumbered Top 9? I like bullets, 10 is too predictable, 11 too many, 9 just an odd number.

    Ven said...

    You're not the only one!
    I can sympathize with almost all of your points.
    (except the NPR one... not a fan)

    Pretty funny!

    Marcia Ford said...

    Really, all I want is for Blogger to remember me. Life would be so much better.

    John Michael De Marco said...

    Blogger won't remember me either. It is out to get us.

    Blogger, remember me, when you come into your kingdom...