Thursday, April 05, 2007


Okay, that was one long break. Next time I'm sick for two weeks, I'm going to blog my little brains out anyway just to keep up the habit.

Moving is taking up major portions of real estate in that little brain these days, with my move to Colorado Springs a mere two weeks away. So if life was perfect, and I could live anywhere I wanted to, here's where I'd live:

  • Colorado Springs (Hey, I'm not about to jinx the move by placing this one lower on the list)

  • Montreal

  • A remote cabin in Yellowstone (remember, we're talking "perfect world" here)

  • Santa Fe

  • Asheville

  • Alaska, even if just for a year or so

  • Way up in the Colorado mountains

  • Somewhere along the coast of Maine

  • Newfoundland, just to experience it

  • Any village in the French countryside

What's your top 10? And what keeps you from living where you really want to live?

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