Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How to Make a Veggie Burger

Okay, so I added the Video Bar feature over there on the left. I'm assured that you just have to hover over an image to see what the video is about, click on it, and it will begin playing at the top of the post column. Just click on "I'm done watching this" to end the video.

Because I am committed to imparting huge wads of useless information to all and sundry, I chose the Do-It-Yourself category. I believe everyone has the right to learn how to perform arthroscopic surgery, how to use a t-shirt folding machine, and how to conduct a do-it-yourself impeachment.

And hey, I'm not responsible for the content. Ever. Okay?

1 comment:

John Michael De Marco said...

Wow, so you are really moving! You've talked about this for a long time. I'm excited for you.

I'm again in a blogging pause. I'm amazed that you don't get more comments, since you write often and have such good stuff....