Thursday, January 17, 2008

The DMV and Me

Here's a thought. What if..?

But first, an update on my attempt at getting a Colorado driver's license. We've decided to make an outing of it. Instead of heading for the city and waiting in line for about four hours (I'm not exaggerating one bit), we've decided to spend that time driving through the scenic wonder of the mountains and go to a rural DMV office about an hour away. I mean, how busy can the office be with just a few thousand drivers to accommodate? I guess we'll find out.

But back to my thought. I know that DMVs across the land fall under the states' jurisdictions, but...what if we had a presidential candidate who would promise, under penalty of impeachment, to fix the DMV mess in all 50 states? No question about it: he/she would get my vote. Now that president would be a miracle worker indeed.


PJ said...

So it was not that easy to get a license in DMV Colorado ? I just moved to CO.

Marcia Ford said...

Sorry for the delay...Blogger wouldn't let me in. It's a nightmare in Colorado Springs (4-hour wait is not unusual), so we went to a small town named Salida. Got there at 1, were out of the DMV by 1:10, had a lovely lunch and walked around the arts area of the town. Salida is a beautiful 90-minute drive from our house; in all it took us maybe 5 very relaxing hours. The drive to the Springs is an hour, so if we had gone there it would have been at least 6 frustrating and stressful hours. If you haven't gotten your license yet, go to a rural office. What a joy! The DMV employees were downright human and friendly in Salida.