Friday, December 29, 2006

Seriously, Now

Right before Christmas, George Barna released a report on the "12 Most Significant Religious Findings from 2006 Surveys." I could comment on all 12, but I'm trying to use a bit of restraint here. Here's just one of his findings:
Most Americans have a period of time during their teen years when they are actively engaged in a church youth group. However, Barna’s tracking of young people showed that most of them had disengaged from organized religion during their twenties.

Well, of course. The study apparently didn't ask the respondents why they left the church, though a few commentators offered their expert opinion. But no one mentioned the two main reasons young people "disengage" from organized religion, based on my most unscientific observations: 1) It's as boring as all get-out; and 2) They discovered they've been lied to for years -- often unintentionally, but still, the distrust runs deep. Jesus didn't harp on the things the church had harped on for their entire lives, in His holy name no less. The twentysomethings I know, and they are legion, have no problem with God or Jesus. Just don't get them started on church.



Teresa Markos said...

Hallelujah, sister!

Blythe Daniel said...

So fun and very well done! I'm impressed that you are able to juggle so many hats writing. Really good, though. Maybe this will become your next book?

Happy New Year!


Marcia Ford said...

How did we manage to turn the very son of God, one the most radical people who ever walked the earth, into the object of such bland worship? I don't get it.

Ven said...

I think it's deeper than those two somewhat canned answers.
I believe most teens are not experiencing God's love. They're experiencing a program.
Take away the program (leave the youth group) and they're left with nothing. No trust, no hope, no truth.
I believe this can be a good thing, given the proper circumstances. Removing the program will allow the person the seek a relationship with God rather than with a church.
Unfortunately, many stop looking.

Marcia Ford said...

Those are two reasons that I've heard over and over and over again...not meant to be a comprehensive list, by any means. The poll was about leaving church, not God, and the young adults I'm referring to have no problem with God or accepting God's love.